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If you're staying at a Geneva hotel, you can apply for a Léman Pass which covers Zone 10 transport, including trams, buses, trains and boats on Lake Geneva ( It's available for one day and for a 5-day period.

Geneva Airport has its own train station, a short walk from Terminal 1. Trains take just 7 minutes into central Geneva: for example, the IR15 leaves at 10.50 and arrives in the city at 10.57, then heads onwards to Luzern. Or you could take the 11.02 IR90 train, which goes to Brig, stopping in Geneva city centre first. If you are travelling back to GVA, you could take the 10,49 / IC5 train and arrive at the airprt at 10.56, or take the 10.52 / IR90 and arrive at the airport 7 minutes later.

Geneva Airport's train station offers direct train services to many Swiss cities. For example, you could take the 9.02 train to Lausanne, which takes only 46 minutes without changes.

Trains GVA to/from Lausanne

A standard ticket starts from 13.38 euros per person, First Class costs 14.16 euros per person. Or you could take the slower 9.20 train, which arrives 55 minutes later in Lausanne at 10.12. Trains leave for Lausanne every few minutes.

Returning to GVA, you could take the 9.12 from Lausanne and arrive 47 minutes later at 9.59 hours. The cheapest tickets in Standard class on this route cost 13.38 euros, but you may have to pay 24.00 euros in Standard class during peak travel times.

Trains GVA to/from Zürich

Trains leave also at regular intervals for Zürich, some going direct, others requiring a change at Berne. Trains to Zürich Hauptbahnhof (central railway station) take 3 hours 8 minutes, and a typical Standard class ticket starts at 86.20 euros per person. First class tickets start at 146.00 euros per person.

The first service of the day leaves Geneva Airport at 5.50, arriving in Zürich at 8.58, changing once at Berne (Bern). Or you could take the 6.23, arriving at Zürich Hauptbahnhof at 9.28, going direct without requiring a change at Berne.

Returning to Geneva Airport, you could take the morning train, the 6.32 from Zürich, arriving at GVA at 9.27. If you prefer a later train, you could leave at 8.02, arriving at Geneva International Airport at 11.11.

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